Thoth Jantzen

Thoth Jantzen is a 2 and a half year old avatar in SL. His main interests lie in community building in SL, mostly in the areas science, philosophy, education, and art. He's the founder of Thothica SL, one of the oldest and most active "informal" discussion groups in SL, and remains active, helping to connect people and information to each other. Also the inventor of the "Kaleidoscopium", through his "Comsique" builds, he seekss to create immersive environments for people to enjoy, delivering maximum effect through visual- and music-based experiences. Though some call him an "artist," Thoth is uncomfortable with title, preferring to think of himself as more of a "builder" who's able to use his imagination to make the most of the limited set of skills and tools he possesses to extract every watt, decibel, and lumen from SL that he can and deliver it direct to the viewers' brains. In his view, he simply creates new types of canvases on which the video textures he applies paint themselves. In a very real way, his Cosmique builds can be seen as 'ambience ampliphiers', taking the moods and feelings from the music and video expression and eveloping the viewers in them.

In real life, Thoth's meathead driver is a 50-year-old running a struggling software company that specializes in advanced parsing technology and related areas. He's lived 15 years (most of his adult life) in Europe, and currently resides near Boston. His past includes work as a cryptologic linguist, intelligence collector/analyst, courier, interpreter, nightclub GM, bouncer, cook, international trader, cable guy, cartoonist, and unpublished poet - among other things. His main interests include science, philosophy, linguistics, his family, and his dog, Lucky.

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