Snim Hanley (Seogwang Snim)
Seogwang Snim is professor of Zen Therapy in the Seon Department of Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea, President of the organization, Korean Culture and Seon (Zen), and Abbess of Sounsa Buddhist Temple in Paxton, Massachusetts. A Zen Buddhist nun for more than 20 years, she is the author of nine books written in Korean: 불교상담입문 [Introduction to Buddhist Counseling] (1993: Seoul Korea, Boolgwang Press); 그냥 바라만 볼 뿐이다 [Just See It As It Is] (1994: Seoul Korea, Boolgwang Press); 마음의 치료 [Healing Mind] (2002: Seoul Korea: Boolgwang Press; 한영불교사전 [Korean-English Buddhist Dictionary] (2002; Seoul Korea, Boolgwang Press); 현대심리학으로 풀어본 유식 30송 [Annotated Translation of the Mind-Only Consciousness from a Psychological Point of View] (2003: Seoul Korea, Boolgwang Press); 알몸이 부처되다. [The Naked Body Became a Buddha] (2004: Seoul Korea, Book Road); 문제는 항상 부모에게 있다 [Parents Are A Problem] ( 2004: Seoul Korea, Book Polio); 현대심리학으로 풀어본 대승기신론 [Annotated Translation of the Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana] (2005: Seoul Korea, Boolgwang Press); and 부도 놀이도 신나는 아이로 키워라. [Raising Your Children as Happy Beings] (2005: Seoul Korea, Book Polio). In Second Life, Seogwang Snim is Snim Hanley, and lectures on Buddhism at a monastery on New Caerleon, a replica of the one she was trained at in the mountains of Korea. Though not an artist herself in the conventional sense of the word, she is in dialogue with and has influenced many of the artists and scholars in the Virtual Art Initiative.

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