Pixels Sideways

Second Life:

Pixels Sideways "born" in SL in Nov 2007

Member of Careleon Isle Artist Community since March 2008

Group Exhibitions:

"Evolution Revolution" & "Buy Sex Now" / Aiyas Aya's Future Man Collaboration (Mar 2008)

Art Direction and "Little Girl With Bag Full of Lies" / Surrealist Dance Hall (Aug-Sep 2008)

Art Direction and "Haunted Night Club" & "The Dreamer" / Stop Making Sense & Dream (Oct-Nov 2008)

"God Complex" / Art for Heroes - Luce Laval & Friends at Vulcano (Nov 2009)

"Better Angels" / Humanity Festival (Dec 2008)

Art Direction / Life is a Bowl of... (Dec 2008-Jan 2009)

Solo Exhibition:

The Lost Wages of Sin (Feb 15-22, 2009)

First Life

Graphic Arts:

Production artist for various publications and publishers

Freelance graphic design work for artists (writers, actors, musicians, etc.)


Freelance web design & graphics

Web art: "Barbie Foot Fetish," "Uncomfortable Silences - The Untold Stories Behind Classic Clip Art Characters," MHKII- Adventures of a Reluctant Superhero," and "Hermaphrodite"


Produced, directed and/or edited several television shows and PSA's for Cable TV

Freelance producer/director/editor for promotional product and training videos

In-house producer/editor for production company specializing in 35mm & 70mm time-lapse film

Project Management, Administration and publicty (domestic & foreign) at film studio and various film and television production companies

Additional freelance work as crew on commercials, music videos, films and television shows

Performance Art:

"Around Town" - Series of improv characters spontaneously performed at various non-performance venues such as dive bars, retail shops, sidewalks...


Composed, performed and recorded original music compositions both as a solo performer and in groups (vocals, keyboards & guitar)

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