Misprint Thursday (Karina)

Karina's current work investigates untold narratives, pattern, visual coding and decoding. In second life she is fond of physics, integrating custom sound art, creating layers of mystery, and generally exploring creative debauchery mixed with indulgent nonsense. Karina brings minor hazards to the virtual art world and openly suggests that one brings a sense of humor to her exhibits.

Karina has a background in fine art, with a BA from Bennington College. She has trained with Catherine Mosley, the master printer for artist Robert Motherwell and also worked with Dann Carr and Julia Ferrari at Golgonooza Letter Foundry in Ashuelot, NH where she assisted in typesetting, linotype, foundry work and limited edition fine printing. Karina has studied in Paris with artist Janos Ber and art historian and curator Daniel Abadie.

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