Glyph Graves

In his first life, Glyph Graves is a geneticist and evolutionary biologist in Sydney, Australia working at the Evolutionary Biology Unit of the Australian Museum and the National Parks and Wildlife Head Office. In Second Life, he has created a wide variety of hauntingly beautiful artificial life forms, some evolving in accordance with genetic algorithms. The creation of artificial organisms has led him however into a more general aesthetic exploration of the relationship between structure, texture, and motion, and he has become one of the most popular and widely exhibited virtual artists in Second Life. In his own words:

"As well as the normal digital tools of graphic and 3D modeling programs, I also freely make use of Linden Scripting Language as both my chisel and my paintbrush. I'm constantly in a state of wonder (and occasionally, despair) at the depth and the dimensionality that's available for the art of Second Life."

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