Georg Janick (Gary Zabel)
Gary Zabel holds a B.A. from Yale University and a Ph.D. from Boston University. He has been teaching in the Philosophy Department of the University of Massachusetts at Boston since 1989. He is the editor of Art and Society: Lectures and Essays by William Morris (Boston: George's Hill, 1993) and wrote the introduction to All Things Connected: Native American Creations (Providence: Roger Williams Museum of Natural History, 1995). He is also the author of several articles on the philosophy of music including "Adorno on Music: A Reconsideration" (London: Musical Times, 1989); "Ernst Bloch and the Utopian Dimension in Music" (London: Musical Times, 1990), "Nietzsche and Wagner: On the Threshold of the Twentieth Century" (London: Musical Times, 1990), and "Escaping the Dark Time: The Problem of Political Music in Eisler and WeilL" (Shanghai: Yinyue YIishu, Journal of the Shanghai Academy of Music, 1993).

He has been a photographer since his early teens, occasionally selling his work to book publishers and private collectors, and has been involved in Second Life as a photographer and installation artist for a little over one year as the avatar, Georg Janick. His virtual installation, Saturn's Elegy, was exhibited at Rinascimento Virtuale at the Festival of Creativity in Florence, Italy in October, 2008, and is published in the catalogue for that exhibition, Rinascimento Virtuale: L'Arte in Second Life e nei Virtual Worlds. He is the founder and owner of the four Caerleon sims, and has been a member of the Boards of Directors of two organizations that have received major foundation funding, the North American Alliance for Fair Employment, and Campaign on Contingent Work. He can be contacted at:

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