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Feathers Boa (aka Mary L. in RL) has been active in the Second Life Art Community for a little over a year. When she first joined SL, she was an art student at a university in Massachusetts, and is now working as a freelance video game designer in both the US and Japan. In SL, she has established an impressive body of work that includes fully immersive pieces, interactive digital "paintings," giant robots, aesthetically innovative avatars, and full architectural builds. Her work has been shown in dozens of galleries throughout SL, including two that she owns: Feather's Bay and Art as Light as a Feather. She participated in NPIRL's Garden of Earthly Delights exhibition, has lectured on interactive art in a number of venues. She also built the art school on New Caerleon, which she co-directs with Bryn Oh. Her work is also featured in the important RL exhibition, Rinascimento Virtuale, held in Florence, Italy in October 2008. She is currently working on another SL/RL crossover exhibition at the Harbor Gallery to be shown in 2010.

"What I look for is ways to use SL as a medium. To create something which could not exist in the REAL WORLD. Something surprising and unique to the virtual world. My work is not always about beauty, but I am obsessed by beauty especially in the female form. I believe that we are seeing a new form of creative expression being born in SL and other virtual worlds. There are so many talented people here and that the best is yet to come."

Feathers trolls junk shops and back alleys to find interesting objects such as old sepia photos, newspapers, postcards, letters, broken watches, etc., to create many of her pieces. She either photographs these objects using a Nikon digital camera or uses her Epson RX580 scan bed to scan them directly into Photoshop. These "found" objects usually form the central images of her pieces. She also uses Cinema 4D r10, Vue 6 and ZBrush to create wholly digital 3D objects. She sees textures everywhere and never leaves home without her camera in her handbag or backpack. When the digital work is complete, she brings textures into SL and adds them to prims to make sculptures or to multi-layered canvases and then makes them come alive using simple LSL scripts. Each work "reacts" to the presence of the viewer in unique ways and must be seen to be believed.

Born on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA and at a mere 22 years old, Feathers is still learning new ways to make art every day.

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