Botgirl Questi

Botgirl Questi is a virtual persona imagining life as a self-aware Artificial Intelligence. First embodied as a Second LIfe avatar in January of 2008, Botgirl's identity extended through web-based creative work including blogging, machinima, digital art, infographics, a series comics and active participation in social networks.

Botgirl's past exhibitions in Second Life include "Botgirl's Identity Circus" and a featured presentation at the first Virtual Comic-Con. Botgirl is best known for "Botgirl's Second Life Diary" (, a blog focused on textual and visual exploration of virtual identity.



Botgirl vs. Human Comic:




Sample of Posts on Identity:

Identity surfing within and between worlds:

Identity Redux:

Spectatorship, Immersion and Emergence:

If two bots kiss in an empty sim:

If you see your avatar on the road, kill her:

The Sharer: Projection and Reflection:

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